You Are About to Discover How to PROTECT Your WordPress Website From Being Compromised by Hackers!

Hacking destroys your website traffic!


It Happened To Me and It Can Happen To You, Too!

Hi. James, here. jamessancimino2a

My WordPress website was hacked a few months back. I lost my Google Ranking.
My traffic slowed to a crawl and my online sales nose-dived!
To add insult to injury, the hacker uploaded a file through my WordPress website’s
and inserted porno spam code.
So, when anyone found my site on major search engine, the description directed them to

a porno website!


Yet, I found an excellent way to prevent any future hacks from happening again!

Now, I secure ALL MY WordPress websites this way
(including this one)!

I share the solution and more with you in


Hacking is a Serious Threat to your Livelihood!

More serious that you may realize.


That’s not just a tagline.

Hacking destroys your website traffic!


Check these recent stats I found…

Now it might seems that Hactivism (aka: Hacking) is a small piece of that overall pie.

When you think about it, in order for anything in that pie chart to happen, the hacker has to break into something!
Hacking is the way they usually do it!

What they did to my website (injecting porn SPAM) was mild compared to what has been done to other WordPress websites!

How Can A Hacker Profit From Your Website?

By stealing the contact information of your subscribers
By redirecting your traffic to their own offers
By replacing your affiliate links with their own


Are you aware that hackers can hold your website hostage for ransom? Or inject a virus or trojan that will then infect the computer of anyone who visits your site?

And After It’s Too Late, You’ll Realize You’ve Been


When my site got hacked, I got down to business!

I searched for a great way to help secure my WordPress sites and found an incredible bad-ass WordPress plugin! Even with everything it does,


(and even better than some that you have to pay for)!

I share the solution and more with you in


It’s not just about protection from hacking!
Check out the (FREE) plugin features!

Simple User Interface
Database Security and Backup
System File Security
Firewall Setup (Incl: 6G Blacklist Firewall Protection)
Blacklist Feature
Brute Force Protection
SPAM Prevention
Disables Right-Click and Iframe Theft
User Account Security
WHOIS Lookup
Regular Plugin Updates
Much more…

I especially LOVE the Disable Right-Click/Iframe feature!
It stops content and graphics thieves from stealing my intellectual property!

Don’t be concerned if you’re a WordPress newbie. I take you through the easy installation and setup of this plugin!
Plus, I give you some cool tips and tricks beyond the plugin, for added WP website security!

See what others are saying about wplockdown3 !


If you use WordPress for your websites, James gives you really valuable information about how to make them MUCH more secure without expensive plugins or developer fees.
And he even shows how to block malicious hackers IP addresses.
This gets you from vulnerable to much safer in a few easy steps. Thanks James.

Steve Allen

Natural Cures Authority

I used to just ignore the fact that my sites could be hacked, figuring it “it won’t happen to me”.
Then a client called asking me why the sites they leased from us were changed to Arabic.
I can assume you know the rest, lol!
James’ program takes you through how to protect yourself in easy to understand simple steps that anyone can follow.
Don’t take stupid chances like I did, let WPLockdown save your @$$ before you even need it!

Nick Cifonie

Leads Ahoy

What a great new eBook by James.
As an online marketer I didn’t realize how vulnerable my websites were to online hackers and how that could damage my business.
James showed me step-by-step how to properly secure my websites from being Hacked.
If you own any Word Press websites then you need to get WPLockdown so you can protect your sites immediately and to help prevent malicious hackers from destroying your website traffic!

Brian Burkard

The Marketers Mindset

Hey James. I just want to send over a big thank you for creating this product.
It is actually scary how easy your life’s work can go up in flames.
What I really like about the product is that even I can follow the easy step-by-step guide with no technical skill required.
There is no price really on protecting your online business. Thanks again.

Pieter Du Preez

Create Financial Freedom

WordPress is now the industry standard and cyber security is a #01 consideration.
Nicely put together and full of good basic information.
I wish I had WPLockdown when I started.

Graham AlexanderLee

Author of The Subconscious Code

Hey, Did I Mention the Bonuses?

You’re gonna love these!

I’m giving you some hot WordPress plugins created by Brett Retucky.



My Money Back Guarantee


Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Is Securing My WordPress Website Necessary?

Yes! WordPress is the #1 CMS in the world and is most widely used for website development. Therefore, it is the most attacked CMS by hackers all over the globe.

Is WPLockdown Easy to Follow?

Yes! I created it so anyone form a WordPress Newbie to a Pro could follow it and make their website bulletproof secure!

Is There a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes! In the first 7 days from purchase, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied, I’ll refund your purchase price.

Can You Guarantee My WordPress Website Will Never Be Hacked Again?

No! No one can guarantee your WordPress website will never be hacked again, but your chance of being hacked will certainly be much less after you follow my instructions contained in WPLockdown and do what it says.

Can I Use WPLockdown to Secure My Website?

No. WPLockdown was written with the installation of security plugin as its main objective. Plugins are not allowed at wordpress.COM for security reasons. Plugins are for self-hosted blogs using the software from wordpress.ORG.

Can Contact You If I Need Help?

Yes! Contact me here: Contact James about WPLockdown

Thanks for reading. To your ongoing success, security and prosperity.

jim-cJames Sancimino

P.S. As you read this, malicious bots, page scrapers and hackers are testing sites world wide for vulnerabilities. Looking for back doors and a chance to steal content, subscriber information and more. Will your sites be one of them? You’ve worked hard to build your money sites, and now is the time to protect them.

P.P.S. Imagine how you’d feel if you passed on this incredibly low-priced offer, then found in days or weeks from now that your server had been hacked? Instead of growing your business, you’d be spending time AND cash just trying to restore it, and possibly trying to rebuild your entire online reputation. It’s happened to me, which is why I got down to business to be certain it would never happen again. Now, I share the SOLUTION WITH YOU in WPLockdown, so it WON’T to happen to you!

You know what to do.

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